Monday, December 28, 2009

Trifling around.....

One of the desserts that has always meant Christmas to me is trifle. It's long been my favourite and last year I attempted to make my first one. It was a success (according to my family anyway). This year I made 2 trifles, an adult friendly Chocolate/orange one and a child friendly chocolate blackcurrent/strawberry one.

They were both big hits. The chocolate/orange trifle was supposed to be a "candied orange and chocolate trifle" however since the candied orange part did not work out all that well I substituted the candied orange on top with grated milk chocolate. No one knew the difference and it was much nicer in my opinion. This one was made with the cake soaked in grand marnier and the whip cream topping had white chocolate incorporated with it. Although I'm not a fan of white chocolate the whip cream really balanced out the flavour and it was nice a creamy.

The second trifle was made with blackcurrent jelly soaked into the chocolate cake with strawberries and blackberries layered in the middle and whip cream with shaved milk chocolate again. Both were very simple to make and they were certainly enjoyed by all.

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  1. I have to say that the Chocolate Orange Trifle was delicious. I've made it twice already. Yummy. I have another event next week, so I think I'll give a go again. How can you go wrong with a cake soaked in Grand Marnier. Giggle Giggle.