Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Truth be told the inspiration behind my newly found hobby has more to do with my upbringing than my mixer. My mum was a great baker, she didn't make anything fancy just perfect pastry every time and simple recipes mostly handed down from my grandmother. I used to look forward to coming home or visiting on the days my mum had baked to find butter tarts, almond cookies, ginger cake, scones and so much more. I have tried a few of my mum's recipes including the butter tarts and scones with great success. I have not yet been able to find her ginger cake recipe but I am still diligently searching for it.

Anyway here are butter tarts that I made using store bought pastry shells but the filling is all from scratch.
From Newbie Baker

Chocolate Chip Cookies

So I've been making chocolate chip cookies for years but recently I tried making them with my mixer. The result was (finally) a cookie that stayed soft on the inside even after cooling down. It's the same recipe I have used numerous times before but with the help of my baking assistant who is all of 6 years old and my new mixer the cookies turned out perfectly this time.

Here are the cookies:
From Newbie Baker

Monday, April 6, 2009

The mixer that started it all

I have been dreaming of buying a Kitchen Aid mixer for years. This past February thanks to saving up gift cards and waiting for just the right sale I was finally able to purchase one. It is black and chrome and absolutely beautiful. If it's possible to love an appliance this is the one to fall in love with.

From Newbie Baker